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    Skillcast Seminar: SCORM Games

    Published on 25 Mar 2019 by Simon Truckle

    Skillcast is presenting a 1-hour seminar on our breakthrough in building serious games. The serious games work on any SCORM-compliance learning management system (LMS) and can be integrated with e-learning courses and MI reporting.

    The seminar is designed for companies that have wanted to adopt serious games for corporate training but have been unable to do so. The seminar will show you how SCORM Games can engage your employees, personalise e-learning courses, and drive retention and acceptance levels, whilst also giving you valuable data on employee competence to inform your training strategy.

    • Skillcast innovation - build games in SCORM format to deliver on your LMS
    • Application of serious games in corporate training: pre-testing and standalone
    • People analytics - diagnostic MI reports
    • Corporate case studies

    When:  4th April 2019

    Where: Salisbury House, London Wall, London, EC2M 5QQ

    Reserve a place by contacting Skillcast on +44 207 929 5000.

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