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Tesco Success Story: Anti-Bribery Training

Posted by

Rich Gill

on 30 Nov 2016

Tesco Success Story: Anti-Bribery Training

Tesco, the world's third largest retailer, needed a best in class solution to train over 20,000 employees. They chose a bespoke solution based on Skillcast's anti-bribery course.


As part of its adequate procedures in relation to the UK Bribery Act 2010, Tesco required around 20,000 employees to complete a learning module and assessment. This would be the first mandatory e-learning program rolled out to such a large, globally distributed audience at the organisation.


The Group Loss Prevention & Security team decided to develop an e-learning module based on Skillcast's ready-made Anti-Bribery course. The course was translated into 11 languages and Skillcast's award-winning LMS platform was used to deliver a truly multilingual solution to the global audience.


  • Authoring tool: Skillcast Author
  • Learning Management System: Skillcast Portal
  • Integration: AICC
  • Hosting: Content and LMS hosted by Inmarkets
  • Reporting: Standard Skillcast reports

Key benefits

Ability to deliver consistent training and assessment to a large number of globally distributed employees quickly and cost-effectively.


We have had excellent feedback on the anti-bribery training from all levels of the organisation. The Inmarkets system has enabled us to deliver the training to over 18,000 employees quickly and cost-effectively and provides us with the management information we need to ensure compliance.

Paul Chapman,
Group Loss Prevention & Security, Tesco

Anti-Bribery E-learning Module

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