Digitising Success in Financial Crime

Length: 20 minutes | Format: Seminar

Regulatory technology and big data analytics make financial crime prevention more streamlined, robust, and affordable.

Whilst people generally associate RegTech with things like transaction monitoring and ID checks but the people dimension of compliance is equally important.

In our seminar, we explained how firms of all sizes can reduce risk and the overall cost of compliance with the judicious use of technology.

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Watch this seminar to learn...

  • What the biggest risks are for compliance
  • How perception and reality differ
  • The costs of misconduct
  • How the Swiss Cheese Model helps stop breaches
  • How employee engagement can reduce financial crime
  • The tools needed to create a data-driven culture

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Seminar Hosts

Catriona Razic


Catriona Razic
CRO & Co-Founder

Catriona Razic is a co-founder of Skillcast. She advises global firms on their compliance communication strategy, working directly with them to deliver successful compliance and learning initiative outcomes. She holds a degree in Psychology and Economics.



Simon Truckle
Director of Learning Services

Simon is responsible for ensuring that Skillcast partners achieve the best return on their e-learning investment. He helps our clients personalise the approach to the needs of their organisation. Before Skillcast he was Head of E-learning at both Barclays Wealth and Gerard Asset Management.