Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Policy

Version Control / History

Version No. Description / Summary of Changes Date Effective
2.1 Released 11/10/2023

Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") encompasses a range of company considerations. Skillcast Group plc (the "Group") evaluates its ethical impact, social responsibility and sustainability by these standards as a collective. As the world strives towards a sustainable future, ESG is becoming a key factor in corporate decision-making. The Board believes it is part of the Group’s corporate responsibility to deliver returns by being a responsible investor. Integrating ESG matters into our investment decision-making process and active ownership practices are important elements of being a responsible investor.

The Group recognises its responsibility to encourage positive environmental and social change through our operational decisions. Each pillar of ESG has its own standards and practices. Collectively, these standards are of interest to our clients, investors, employees and other stakeholders as well as regulators. The Group understands the importance of ESG in driving long-term success and is committed to implementing these standards across the company.

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Skillcast has a purpose:

"To enable companies to build ethical and resilient workplaces" and has a vision "To be the leading provider of digital training and technology for staff compliance".

To deliver on our purpose and vision, we are guided by the following four values:

  1. Innovation: continually striving to make things better and making them happen
  2. Customer Focus: delivering successful outcomes for our customers 
  3. Teamwork: sharing knowledge and building strong working relationships
  4. Aspire: taking pride in what we do, who we are and working towards our aligned goals

ESG Policy statement

The Skillcast Board believes that integrating ESG matters into its investment and operations decision-making is important in delivering on its purpose and vision.
ESG principles

  1. Ensure the sustainability of our operations and embed a culture of environmental awareness
    1. Achieve and maintain Carbon Neutrality (2022)
    2. Achieve and maintain Net Zero status (2045)
    3. Provide staff training on environmental protection and carbon literacy
    4. Consider environmental factors in business decisions in line with a set carbon reduction plan
  2. Make a positive social impact with our operations
    1. Engage with employees and offer a healthy work-life balance
    2. Maintain diversity, equality and inclusion in our workforce
    3. Pay competitive market wages to employees and ensure living minimum wage in supply chain
    4. Actively donate to ESG charities and maintain sponsorships programmes
  3. Meet our regulatory and corporate governance obligations
    1. Comply with all laws, regulations and relevant standards
    2. Protect the personal data of all data subjects
    3. Avoid negligent, unfair or corrupt business practices
    4. Provide compliance training to employees
    5. Maintain a whistleblowing policy as a platform for employees to raise concerns
  4. Support our customers in making a positive ESG impact
    1. Provide e-learning to increase staff awareness of environmental, social and governance issues
    2. Provide tools to support and monitor staff compliance with laws, regulations, policies and procedures
    3. Reduce carbon footprint by reducing the need for travel and paper by digitising staff training and other compliance processes