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  • Skillcast essentials

    Essentials: Financial Crime

    Financial crime is a concern for companies in all sectors. Our Essentials library includes courses for raising staff awareness of money laundering, terrorist financing, sanctions and market abuse. We can fully customise these to your business and your risks.

  • Skillcast essentials

    Essentials: Anti-Bribery

    Skillcast is the leading provider of anti-bribery e-learning to companies across the UK. Our entire set of anti-bribery and corruption courses and micro-learning modules are included in Essentials.

  • Skillcast essentials

    Essentials: Health and Safety

    Health and safety should be a priority for every employee of your company. We can help you make that happen through e-learning and by raising your staffs awareness of the risks, your policy and procedures in place and the responsibility of each individual.

  • Skillcast essentials

    Essentials: Information Security

    Cyber crime is a major risk area for all companies and the threat from internal factors is even greater than that from external ones. Essentials includes a set of courses designed to improve awareness of information security risks and procedures, data protection, cybersecurity, privacy and social media.

  • Skillcast essentials

    Essentials: FCA Compliance

    Skillcast is the leading supplier of compliance e-learning to the UK financial services sector providing comprehensive coverage of FCA regulations. We include these courses for free for all subscribers of Essentials library, making compliance training more convenient and cost effective.

  • Skillcast essentials

    Essentials: Code of Conduct

    Your Code of Conduct covers the key areas of employee conduct risk. Our micro-learning modules can bring your Code of Conduct to life, and inspire your employees to act with integrity and comply with your Code.


Skillcast Essentials is our best-selling library and there's a reason for that. Essentials library provides comprehensive coverage of the key compliance / conduct issues that companies in the UK face today. It comprises of 30 in-depth modules on the topics listed below and dozens of fast-paced, "Express" micro-learning modules to fire up compliance awareness (shown here).

These courses can be procured individually, but more typically, clients subscribe to the entire Essentials Library with or without our fully managed learning management system in the form of our Value Package.

Value Package Prices & Features
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Essentials In-depth
  1. Anti-Bribery Refresher
  2. Anti-Bribery Training
  3. Anti-Money Laundering
  4. Bribery Prevention
  5. Competition Law
  6. Consumer Rights
  7. Data Protection
  8. Economic Sanctions
  9. Electronic Communications
  10. Equality and Diversity for Managers
  11. Equality and Diversity in the Workplace
  12. Financial Crime Prevention
  13. Financial Integrity
  14. Fraud Prevention
  15. Healthy Working
  16. Information Security
  17. Managing Safely
  18. Market Abuse
  19. Modern Slavery
  20. PCI Data Security Standard
  21. Records Management
  22. Responsible Use of Social Media
  23. Safeguarding the Vulnerable
  24. Whistleblowing
  25. Working Safely
Essentials iExpress
  1. Abuse of Dominant Position
  2. Anti-Money Laundering
  3. Anti-Competitive Agreements
  4. Bribery Prevention
  5. Fraud Prevention
  6. Gifts and Hospitality
  7. Health & Safety Hazards (15 titles)
  8. Healthy Working
  9. Information Security
  10. Modern Slavery
  11. Sanctions
  12. Working Safely
  13. Financial Crime (9 titles)
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