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What can you expect from our Essentials library?

Skillcast's Essentials courses are a total compliance training solution that comes with over 25 in-depth modules on all the key conduct risk topics, dozens of fast-paced "Express" micro-learning modules, as well as a fully managed e-learning portal.

Our range of courses are:


  • Suitable for firm-wide compliance training and awareness
  • Based on the 'engage, inform and influence' instructional design pattern 

Terms and Conditions:

Please read the below terms and conditions before signing up for this free trial:

By taking this offer You agree that You will only access the LMS and the courses for demo purpose. You will not attempt to reverse engineer or copy ideas, features, source code, functions, graphics, or animations in the LMS or the courses.

Skillcast makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee as to the suitability of the courses for Your company. Skillcast warrants that we will keep your data confidential, as stated in our Privacy Policy.

Free trial offer

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I wanted to get in touch to let you know that everything with the e-learning roll out has gone extremely well. Massive thanks to Christina who has been very patient with me and nothing seems to be too much trouble for her.

Peter Mitchell
- Group Compliance Manager - GVS Prepaid