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Anti-Bribery Expert Insight

Q1. How would you differentiate between bribery and corruption?

Q2. The Bribery Act doesn’t mention corruption. How does this reflect on the way we do business?

Q3. There is a correct way to undertake lobbying and an incorrect way. What is considered as correct in the UK?

Q4. Will the Bribery Act make an impact on international trade and could it affect the UK's chances of winning business?

Q5. What prompted the UK Government to put the Bribery Act in place?

Q6. How would you advise a company to cleanup how it does business without going out of business?

Q7. Does the guidance given by the Government and the Act itself make a good blueprint for the rest of the world to follow?

Q8. How far down the chain should due diligence go and what should due diligence look like?

Q9. Is there any difference in the level of detail required if you are not operating in a high risk jurisdiction?

Q10. Where would you draw the line and what is decent and not so decent in corporate hospitality?

Q11. Organisations that continue to use corporate hospitality without bribing can continue to do so?

Q12. What do UK managers need to know about FCPA?