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Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Q1. Given that terrorist funding can come from legitimate sources we can't really trust anyone, but are there any seemingly-legitimate sources that we should watch out for?

Q2. How are terrorists able to use gambling activities to fund their operations? Is this a credible threat?

Q3. What are the main channels by which terrorist organisations move or transfer funds around the world? What sort of companies are most at risk?

Q4. What signs can an employee use to tell that the money they are handling is destined for terrorist financing?

Q5. What are dual-use goods and why are they of value to terrorist groups? Does the average employee need to be aware of these?

Q6. What is proliferation financing and how does it make use of the international financial system?

Q7. Could you list the key customer due diligence measures that companies are expected to take for their part in combatting terrorist financing?

Q8. How can examining financial profiles provide early warning signs of terrorist attacks? Could you give some general examples of profiles that should lead to an employee raising a suspicion?