FCA Business Plan Desk Aid

Length: 4-pages | Format: Editable PDF

The FCA has published its Business Plan for the year ahead. The plan outlines the regulator's work programme in line with their three-year strategy.

The Business Plan highlights the FCA's focus areas and how it plans to measure progress. Financial firms need to be aware of the FCA's focus areas to ensure they are working in tandem with the regulator.

The FCA's Business Plan is extensive. That's why we've created a desk aid to summarise the key focus areas.

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How this desk aid helps

To align your firm with the FCA's commitments, we have summarised each key area. Our desk aid covers the three focuses outlined by the FCA, namely:

  1. Reducing & Preventing Serious Harm
  2. Setting & Testing Higher Standards
  3. Promoting Competition & Positive Change

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