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GDPR Navigator - Just-In-Time Learning

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Support your staff with just-in-time learning

Personal data is everywhere in your business operations and its use is governed by a complex set of rules defined in the GDPR. Do you know who has access to view and process this data? Have you provided them with reference tools to give them guidance, or have you left them to figure it out themselves - potentially use Google to get answers?

The Skillcast GDPR Navigator is a just-in-time learning app contains answers to more than six hundred questions concerning the GDPR. Thus, it allows users to ask just about any question they wish and gives them a clear answer that's been verified by Skillcast and also by your company's experts.

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Embed in your Intranet or LMS

The GDPR Navigator can be embedded in your Intranet, Sharepoint or any other online company platform or tool, and it can link to courses on your learning management system. 

Unlike public sources of information, the answers that your employees get in the GDPR Navigator can be fully customised to reflect your company's operations, data privacy policies and procedures, and controls for subject access, breach notification procedures, DPO etc.

You can add or delete content to make the app even more specific to your company. You can also translate the entire compilation to provide multilingual support to your employees.

Help your employees to comply with the GDPR by getting a subscription to the GDPR Navigator.

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