GDPR Navigator - Just-In-Time Learning


Assess your GDPR readiness

Given the pervasiveness of personal data in business operations and the complexity of GDPR rules, it is essential for your employees to be able to get quick answers to questions and guidance on how they should proceed in specific situations. Such a decision support app is also a great example of technical and organisational measures for demonstrating compliance with the GDPR.

The Skillcast GDPR Navigator is a just-in-time learning app that provides answers to over a thousand questions concerning the GDPR. It allows users to search and select from a list of questions. For each question, it provides practical answers along with suggestions for further training, including the 20+ modules in the Skillcast GDPR training library (purchased separately).

Support your employees to do the right things with personal data and comply with the new law by providing them with the GDPR Navigator.


Integrated with fully managed compliance portal

The GDPR Navigator leverages the functionality of the fully managed Skillcast LMS, including up-to-date employee data, assignments, communications, and usage reporting by department and location. 

Unlike public sources of information, the answers that your employees get in the GDPR Navigator can be fully customised to reflect your company's operations, data privacy policies and procedures, and controls for subject access, breach notification procedures, DPO etc. You can add/delete content to make the app even more specific to your company. You can also translate the entire compilation to provide multi-lingual support to your employees.

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