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GDPR - What Are Your Rights?

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Why is it important to know your rights under GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is due to be implemented in May 2018 and is expected to bring with it a complete overhaul of data protection laws as we know them.

GDPR will affect every organisation that processes the personal identifiable GDPR What are your rightsinformation (PII) of EU residents, as well as organisations outside of the EU who provide services to EU businesses. 

One of the key areas of change is more rights for individuals, such as the right to be forgotten and rights on automated decision making and profiling.

It is critical that your business and your employees are aware of these rights to ensure complete compliance of GDPR.

Skillcast's free GDPR poster features the fundamental rights we have under this new regulation along with some key statistics. Simply fill out the form, download and display in your office!

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