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Gift and Hospitality Register

Control your Bribery and COI risks

The process of approving gifts and hospitality can be complicated and slow, but it is an important control required for complying with the Bribery Act, and for managing your conflicts of interest (COI).

Skillcast provides an online Gifts and Hospitality Register (GHR) to make life simpler for your employees and their approving manager.

The GHR enables you to:

  • Record gifts and hospitality across your business
  • Streamline the approvals workflow
  • Flag up potential issues and suspicious activity

Integrated with fully-managed compliance portal

The GHR console makes it easy for employees to enter requests to give or receive gifts and hospitality. The GHR Workflow then either auto-approves the request based on the logic provided, or else escalates it to the relevant manager to approve or reject.

The GHR provides an audit trail of all gifts and hospitality given and received by employees across your organisation. It can also flag up potential issues such as multiple gifts or hospitality items were given to a single recipient and any unusual or suspicious patterns of activity.

The GHR is a SaaS application that can be deployed rapidly if few changes are required. It can also be fully customised to exactly match your policies, organisational structure and escalation and compliance procedures.

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