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Governance, Risk and Compliance E-learning for Senior Managers and Directors


GRC Manager is our e-learning library for non-executive directors, senior managers, compliance and other managers holding a Significant Influence Function. It covers a diverse set of topics in corporate governance, risk management and compliance from a management perspective.

The courses in this library draw content from the works of distinguished organisations and experts. Each course is equivalent to one hour of CPD and courses can be grouped to create custom learning paths, for instance for NED at financial services firms.

GRC Manager also serves as a just-in-time reference tool with easy mobile access on iPads, iPhones and Android devices, and a powerful search feature. Search for any GRC related topic and you will see a list of definitions, content pages, checklists and expert insights.

  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Protection
  • Fighting Financial Crime
  • Health and Safety
  • Employment Law
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Consumer Protection
  • Financial Regulations


GRC Manager covers all the key topics in Governance, Risk and Compliance. It consists of over 100 modules that provide practical advice, realistic scenarios, exercises, checklists and insights from leading experts.

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The cost of annual subscription for the GRC Manager starts at £160 per user and falls with discounts for multiple purchases.

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