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We Use PandaDoc To Streamline Contracts

What is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc is Skillcast's chosen online document management platform. We use it to send all agreements, order forms, and most proposals. It allows all relevant parties to create legally-binding signatures without the need for printing, scanning and managing paper trails. It is a key component of our ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards.

How does it work?

  • When we send a PandaDoc document to you, you’ll receive an email notification. Click on the “Open Document” button to view the document online.
  • If you need to review or show the document offline, you can download a PDF or Print the document from the menu buttons on the right.
  • If you need to forward the document to the authorised signatory or someone else in your company, you can forward it by selecting the Forward menu button on the right.
  • If you wish to leave a comment or suggest any changes to the document, you can type them in the Comment section in the right menu - we'll see these and will act on them. Alternatively, you can send us the changes by email.
  • If the document has any fields and signatures from you, it will prompt you to complete this information and sign. After you've completed this, you'll see a green button saying "Done" - please select this button to complete the document.
  • When the document is complete, you’ll be able to download a copy of the executed document which includes a signing certificate for your record keeping and audit.


If you haven’t received the email notification from PandaDoc ...

The document we send to you will come from PandaDoc’s email server. In order for the document to be legally binding, it needs to be sent and hosted via third party, which is PandaDoc. The sender email address of the document you receive will be docs@pdoc.co – but the sender name will appear as your Skillcast contact. So, if you reply to that email it will go to your Skillcast contact, not Pandoc.

In some cases, email servers, firewalls may flag docs@pdoc.co as spam and you may not receive the email, or your email app (eg Outlook) may put it in your junk folder. To ensure that this doesn't happen, please add docs@pdoc.co to your address book. You could also ask your IT Administrator to whitelist or mark docs@pdoc.co as a safe sender (or allow emails sent from the IP addresses: and

Then please let us know and we'll send you the document link again.


Why PandaDoc?

PandaDoc enables Skillcast to:

  • Go paperless, save trees!
  • Reduce the hassle for our of printing, signing, scanning, sending and then managing bits of paper
  • Give the clients option of leaving their contract online, downloading a PDF and printing if required
  • Streamlining contract negotiations - with communications from within the documents
  • Meet our ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management commitments

If you have any further questions, please email your Skillcast contact.

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