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Return to Work Training Module

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Return to Work Training Module
Duration: 15 minutes  |  Format: E-Learning Module

The lockdown due to Covid-19 meant that it was vital to train and assess employees to ensure that they were safe, healthy and compliant when working from home.

Now that staff are returning to their workplaces, there is a need to educate them about  the measures and controls needed to ensure compliance with the official guidance for working safely in offices during the pandemic.

This free e-learning module contains slideshows, questions and other training activities to help your team understand and implement the new rules. 

To access this free training module just confirm your details in the form.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the new rules and procedures, including changes to the physical workspace, as well as company policies and routines
  • Reinforce good hygiene routines including hand washing, work areas and deliveries
  • Know when stay at home and isolate in line with NHS advice
  • Understand how to communicate with and support colleagues working remotely to help mental wellbeing and to ensure continued knowledge sharing
  • Know who to contact if you need advice or support

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