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Free Risk Management Training Presentation

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Risk Management Training Presentation-1200-627
Duration: 20 minutes | Format: Editable PPT/PDF

Whether we are driving to work, crossing the road, investing in financial products, or making a change in our lifestyle, risk is all around us and in an ever-increasing fast paced world, the risk we have to manage is constantly evolving.

In the corporate world, risk management involves understanding and analysing risk to ensure organisations meet their objectives.

Our interactive training presentation called 'Risky Business', gives you a short, snappy presentation that you can use to teach your employees all about risk management and the part they can play in controlling risk across your organisation.

To download your copy, just confirm your details in the form.

The key topics covered include:

  • What is risk?
  • What is risk management?
  • The types of risk
  • Assessing and managing risk
  • Company and employee responsibilities

"We have had very positive feedback from users that they found the modules very interesting, informative and educational, yet not in a boring way! The format, look and feel were also complimented and commented on. So all in all, we are very pleased indeed!" Alison Moitysee

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