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Free SM&CR for Insurance Training Presentation

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SMCR for Insurers
Length: 29 slides | Format: Editable PPT / PDF

The Senior Managers and Certification Regime was introduced to strengthen individual accountability and improve standards of conduct - first for banks in March 2016, then insurers in Dec 2018 and finally other financial services firms from Dec 2019.

Your firm is responsible for providing 'suitable' training to your conduct rules staff. You must ensure that your employees have an awareness and broad understanding of all of the conduct rules, and a deeper understanding of the practical application of the specific rules which are relevant to their work.

This free training presentation will help you raise general awareness and broad understanding.

It is provided in PowerPoint (.pptx) format, making it really easy for you to edit and use for in person sessions with your staff.

This free presentation covers:

  • A background of the regulation
  • Senior managers regime
  • Certification regime
  • Conduct rules for individuals
  • Conduct rules for senior managers
  • Implementation

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