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Expert Insights into the UK Equality Act

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What can you expect to learn from our expert videos?

Ruth Renton is a Senior Employment Law Solicitor and Adviser. We interviewed her about some of the key issues that our learners had about the Equality Act in the UK and how best to comply with it in the workplace. 

In the video below, Ruth Renton explains the difference between bullying and harassment :

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Some of the key issues covered include:

  • Equality and Diversity and the differences between the two
  • Why equality laws are so important in the workplace
  • The 9 protected characteristics
  • The different types of discrimination
  • When banter becomes harassment

 "I am an experienced senior employment law solicitor and adviser. An employment lawyer since 1995, I advise clients on a broad portfolio of Employment matters, including: restructuring, redundancy, TUPE, flexible working & family friendly rights, performance, conduct and absence management issues; recruitment and termination packages, contracts and handbooks. I provide commercial and practical advice and training to clients. My background means that I'll always see and assist my clients from both the commercial and legal perspectives." Ruth Renton

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