Website Cookie Compliance Checklist 

Length: 2-pages | Format: Editable PPT/PDF

Ensuring your website's cookie practices align with data privacy laws is at the heart of cookie compliance. It is essential to be clear about your use of cookies and respect users' privacy choices.

Website cookie compliance not only helps you avoid fines, but it is also good for building trust with users. This is, consequently, good for business.

Our Website Cookie Compliance Checklist will help to ensure your company's cookie banners meet regulations.

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How this checklist will help...

The Website Cookie Compliance Checklist details the six requirements to help your company adhere to data privacy regulations. Our free training aid:

  • provides a comprehensive list of checks for your website
  • offers a quick reference to what your company needs to ensure website cookie compliance
  • explains how each of the requirements relates to meeting regulations



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