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This game has now ended and we'll be contacting the top top 20 contestants to deliver their prizes. We have also paid out the money raised to the respective charities. However, the game is still accessible and you can play by clicking the link below.


Launch the Ethics Challenge Game

£605** raised for Macmillan Cancer Support
£605** raised for Cancer Research UK

** As of mid-day 24 Dec 2016

  1. Select the launch button and follow the instructions
  2. In each game play you will encounter three business ethics scenarios and in each you'll pick two cards that you are asked to evaluate
  3. To make your choice you click NO or YES (you can use flicking action on mobiles)
  4. The quicker you act the more points you get (if you act correctly)
  5. If you act wrongly, you lose a life, and if you lose all your lives, it's game over
  6. Occasionally, after you've answered, you'll get a chance to bet an extra point
  7. You can play multiple times to raise your total score
  8. If you avoid losing all your lives, you will level up and can start earning even more points
  1. This online game is open to all (except Skillcast employees and consultants) and works on all mobile and desktop devices
  2. Only the pseudonym that you record in the game will be displayed on the leaderboard - your email will be kept completely confidential and will be used solely to contact you if you win a prize 
  3. At any time you can click the leaderboard button (the fern leaf) to see where you stand versus all other players
  4. The top 20 players on the leaderboard at 12 noon on Saturday, 24 December 2016, will receive the prizes - a box of gourmet chocolates
  5. For every 10 points that you score in the game we'll donate £1. We'll split all the donations equally between Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK. We'll donate a maximum of £10 per person and maximum of £5,000 in total.
  6. The Ethics Challenge game complies with Skillcast's Anti-Bribery Policy. It is not intended to exert any improper influence and is open to all, including those who have no dealings with Skillcast. Skillcast has no influence over the outcome of the game or the leaderboard, and will not exercise any discretion over the award of the prizes. The prizes are of nominal value (costing less than £20).