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Compliance Challenge 2018

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Christmas Compliance Challenge 2018

The Compliance Crossword Challenge 2018 is now closed. Thank you to all those who participated. We raised £1680, which we will donate to Action for Children. We will contact all the winners to distribute the prizes shortly.

How to play

  1. Our Compliance Challenge for this year's festive season is a crossword puzzle in which you have to guess the compliance rule or term that applies to everyday business situations
  2. Fill out the form on this page to access the crossword and the link to enter
  3. Once you've completed the crossword, send us your solution by filling out the submission form (please don't send us scans)
  4. You may revise your entries before submission, but not after you've submitted
  5. You can submit multiple entries but we will consider only one - the best one
  6. You can print out the crossword grid if you wish to work offline – but we can't accept Word/PDF/scans

What could I win?

The first 20 contestants to send in a perfect solution to the crossword will win a gourmet "The Classic Collection from Hotel Chocolat" (worth £36) and a branded Christmas Compliance Challenge 2018 T-shirt (nominal value).

A further 20 contestants to send in a perfect solution to the crossword will win the branded Christmas Compliance Challenge 2018 T-shirt (nominal value).

As in previous years, we're also raising money for charity instead of sending greeting cards or hampers to clients. This year we will donate £10 for every valid submission (irrespective of the score) to Action for Children. This way, even if you don't win a prize, we acknowledge and appreciate your participation.

By Christmas Eve on Monday, the 24th December, we raised £1360 for Action for Children!

Are you ready? Proceed to the challenge

Terms of use

  • This Christmas Compliance Challenge 2018 (the "Game") is open to all (except Skillcast employees and consultants) and works on all mobile and desktop devices.
  • The crossword entries must be submitted via the online submission form provided.
  • You can submit multiple entries for the solution, but only the best one will be considered.
  • You must not submit multiple entries using different names, email addresses or aliases.
  • You must not collaborate with other contestants - any signs of collaboration will result in disqualification of all the contestants involved.
  • The competition ends on 31 December 2018.
  • Any unclaimed prizes will be distributed to the next best entries.
  • The Game complies with Skillcast's Anti-Bribery Policy - it is open to all and not intended to exert any improper influence.
  • Skillcast has/will exercise no influence over the outcome of the Game and no discretion over the award of the prizes.
  • Skillcast will not share your personal data or process it for any other purpose than the running of the Game.
  • Skillcast reserves all rights, including IPR, to the Game - it may vary the terms of the Game at any time or end it at its sole discretion.