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Compliance Survey Tool

Understanding key risks, knowledge gaps, and overall awareness is a key element of compliance planning.

Without robust, unbiased employee feedback, your compliance programme is effectively flying blind.

Our Compliance Survey tool will help you easily and regularly monitor key topics, including diversity, inclusivity, cybersecurity and even wellbeing.

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Benchmark Compliance Easily

Our Compliance Survey Tool can help ensure that every employee in your company is heard, regardless of language or location.

Because these results can be integrated with disclosures, breach registers, policy attestation and training, you can manage everything in one place.

And your dedicated Customer Success Manager at Skillcast can take of the admin. From maintaining employee data, assignments, communications and chase-ups, to reporting.

Compliance Surveys RAG

Compliance Survey Tool Key Features

  • Create & customise compliance surveys quickly using our templates or from scratch with our online authoring tool.
  • Automate survey management assigning respondents, keeping responses anonymous, prevent ing duplication and sending reminders.
  • Create adaptive questions to gain more information, or channel respondents to improve response rates.
  • Export survey results for granular analysis Assign red, amber, green (RAG) ratings to responses to create trackable benchmarks.

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