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Skillcast Digital Training and Compliance Apps on different devices

The People Dimension

We provide digital learning and tools to help you to train your staff and demonstrate your company's compliance with laws and regulations.

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An integrated approach to staff compliance

Staff compliance is critical for your corporate performance and survival in an increasingly regulated world. Digital learning can engage your employees and inspire them to act with integrity. Compliance apps can help them to comply more effortlessly. We help companies engage their staff and improve compliance with off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions, encompassing training and tools.

Off-the-shelf courses, policy hub and compliance apps to enable your company to comply with key regulations - bribery, sanctions, data protection, health & safety etc.

Custom learning experiences and compliance tools that address specific compliance issues while working within your existing systems and business practices.


Fully managed platform for delivering and managing digital training and compliance apps. Integrates with all major ERP, HR and learning management systems.

As part of its adequate procedures in relation to the UK Bribery Act 2010, Tesco required around 20,000 employees to complete a learning module and assessment. This would be the first mandatory e-learning program rolled out to such a large, globally distributed audience at the organisation.

“We have had excellent feedback on the anti-bribery training from all levels of the organisation. The Inmarkets system has enabled us to deliver the training to over 18,000 employees quickly and cost-effectively and provides us with the management information we need to ensure compliance.” - Group Loss Prevention & Security Officer, Tesco
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Modern Slavery Statement
- A template to build one
The team at Skillcast have created this simple guide on how to write a modern slavery statement. If you are in need of some great ideas to compile your own company's modern slavery statement, then look no further!
Anti-Bribery Training
- The Good Practice Guide

This guide outlines the examples of good and bad practices for anti-bribery training provided by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and how Skillcast can help you to comply with the good practices

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