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Put your people at the heart of
your regulatory compliance

Empower your employees with engaging courses and tools to inspire a culture of integrity and compliance in your organisation

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heart of your regulatory compliance

Compliance Powered by Skillcast

Staff compliance is critical for your company's performance and survival, but it's not just about policies, procedures and systems. It is also about improving your employees' understanding of the rules and getting their buy-in.

We help your employees to make sense of all the regulations, standards and internal policies that they need to consider in their roles every day. We get them to apply their knowledge in real-world situations and influence them to act with integrity at all times.

We provide digital learning content, technology and service to help you train your staff, automate your compliance process and generate management reports to help you keep track of it all.

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Comprehensive libraries of customisable off-the-shelf compliance content

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Bespoke compliance training programmes


Compliance learning that is perfectly tailored to your business

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Compliance e-learning management system and applications


Award-winning managed LMS and innovative compliance tools

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500+ companies train their employees with Skillcast

Skillcast 100 compliance eBook

eBook: The quest for 100% compliance

Learn how you can overcome the key challenges of achieving 100% compliance attainment in your organisation.

This eBook explores how to improve staff engagement with compliance training, embed a compliance culture, make management more efficient and reduce barriers to training, so that you can minimise the risk of non-compliance in your company.

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Off-The-Shelf Courses

You can get digital training courses on all the key compliance topics - from bribery, fraud and anti-money laundering to equality and health and safety - with a simple annual subscription to our best-selling Essentials library.

We also provide sector-specific libraries for the financial and insurance sectors, and for risk and GDPR training.

All the courses come branded with your corporate look and feel at no extra charge, and you can make further edits to the courses yourself or retain us to customise them for your business.

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Bespoke Content

Whether you need a simple PowerPoint conversion or a high-end learning experience, we can build it for you on time and on budget.

Our consultants excel in building engaging e-learning modules that make even the driest topics come to life with interactivity, personalisation, adaptive content and gamification.

We've created thousands of hours of content on every topic you can imagine - and have received rave reviews from clients for our process as well as the products.

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The Skillcast LMS is an unrivalled platform for delivering compliance training and tools for policy attestations, assessments and compliance registers to your staff.

We assign a dedicated service manager to each client to help you with all aspects of administration, including onboarding new starters, assigning training, sending chase-up emails and delivering the MI reports that you need.

The Skillcast LMS includes multilingual SCORM delivery, competency mapping and dynamic role-based course assignments, and can be extended with our innovative compliance tools.

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Skillcast SM&CR A4 Cover

eBook: Preparing for SM&CR
in the Insurance Sector

Ensure your staff are aware of the implications of the SM&CR extension with this free training presentation.

Discover the background behind the regulation, what it means for companies in the insurance sector and the conduct rules for senior managers, so that you can prepare your organisation in advance. 

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