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5 essential controls for High Frequency Algorithmic Trading (HFAT)

How much do you know about HFAT?

Disruptive trends like High Frequency Algorithmic Trading (HFAT) and machine learning are...

5 ways to get back on track for MiFID II

Reseach by Rsrchxchange has found that:

How to put a stop to workplace harassment

Weinstein's abuse of power illustrates why workplace harassment remains prevalent in today's society

It's a sad reality that 

10 things you should do to protect yourself from insider trading

UK's financial regulatory body clamps down on insider trading

The Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA's) clampdown on insider...

6 top tips to put clients at the heart of your business

According to figures released by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), more than £27bn has been paid out already to those...

8 top tips for protecting cardholder data

According to half-yearly figures released by the Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK), between January - June 2016:

6 top tips when managing gifts and hospitality in your firm

A report by the National Audit Office (NAO) has revealed 'hundreds of gifts' to civil servants, raising potential conflicts...

Firms get APA status for MiFID II

Firms given APA status get ready for MiFID II. Are you?

A number of firms have been granted APA status by the Financial...

9 things you should do to protect your reputation on social media

While social media can bring significant benefits to your firm, there are also huge risks which can damage your reputation...

Addressing MiFID reforms on investment research

Is this the end of the investment research analyst?

Ahead of MiFID II, which is set to take effect from January 3rd 2018, ...

10 ways to protect your company from invoice fraud

Invoice fraud is where fraudsters trick companies into updating a legitimate supplier's payment details. It's often only...

5 steps to ensure compliance with MiFID's data retention rules

Is your firm ready for MiFID's data retention rules?

As the implementation of  the Markets in Financial Instruments...

8 top tips for handling customer complaints

Let's take a look at some headline figures:

8 ways to improve safety when driving for work
  • A quarter of all road traffic accidents involve someone driving for work
  • There are 5,000 accidents involving transport in...
6 steps to ensure a powerful Compliance and Ethics Strategy

Stay on top of your firm's risk management and be sure to lay a strong foundation for your Compliance and Ethics strategy


Success Stories: Rotork's Global Elearning Solution

Rotork and Skillcast collaborate to develop a truly unique Global Elearning solution

Rotork have been working in partnership...

7 steps to follow when managing organisational change

Brexit. A fluctuating demand for your products. New laws. Changes in technology. Changes in human resources. New equipment....

How To Boost Your Password Security
  • 55% of people use the same password for most - if not all - websites
  • 26% use passwords that are easy to remember (such as...
10 Ways To Improve Your Time Management Skills

Time to save time!

How much time do you waste in a typical working day or week? Have you ever wondered why time management...

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