Skillcast Premium

Skillcast Premium combines our innovative technology tools and features into one simple solution.

It enables you to create comprehensive user journeys to deliver learning and policies, obtain declarations and submissions, and consolidate data for achieving your compliance outcomes.

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What you can achieve

  • Digitise and automate compliance processes to reduce your workload.
  • Consolidate data to reduce compliance gaps and produce strategic insights.
  • Create user journeys to bring together relevant training, attestations, disclosures and submissions.
  • Use innovative training techniques to improve employee engagement with compliance.

Our Comprehensive Compliance Solution

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Transforming Staff Compliance

In this webinar, we introduce our Premium Plan, designed for companies that want a fully featured, branded and managed portal to transform their staff compliance. Whether you're a startup or an industry giant, we explore how to take your staff compliance to new heights. 

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How Premium Plan Solves Compliance Challenges

Read how Premium Plan content and features can help companies overcome key compliance challenges.

Improving Induction Efficiency

Improving Induction Efficiency

MS ABS partnered with Skillcast to improve the quality, speed and cost-effectiveness of their induction and refresher training.

Read the MS Amlin Success Story


Post-course Learning Retention

Barclays chose Skillcast gamified learning to help create an engaging way to assess staff learning retention.

Read the Barclays Success Story

AML & CTF Compliance Roadmap

AML & CTF Compliance Roadmap

Money laundering and terrorist financing are as big as ever. That's why regulators expect companies to improve prevention measures.

AML & CTF Roadmap

Anti-Bribery Compliance Roadmap

Anti-Bribery Compliance Roadmap

Bribery can lead to unlimited fines and up to 10 years imprisonment. Help your team stay on the right side of the law.

Bribery Roadmap

GDPR Compliance Roadmap

GDPR Roadmap

Avoid the fines and bad publicity caused by data breaches. We have everything you need to get your data governance on track.

GDPR Roadmap

SMCR Compliance Roadmap

SMCR Compliance Roadmap

Understand the scope, responsibilities, functions, and best practices related to the  Senior Managers & Certification Regime.

SMCR Roadmap

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