DSE Online Assessment

All UK employers have a legal obligation to provide Display Screen Equipment (DSE) / workstation assessment for employees that use computers regularly at work.

It's important for the well-being of your staff, as incorrect use of DSE may result in musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive strain injuries.

We've added new functionality to our DSE Tool to help with the new hybrid working environment.

Now you can conduct self-assessments in multiple locations so that you to focus on cases needing attention. 

DSE Factsheet

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DSE Assessment Online Tool

How our DSE Tool helps...

This RegTech tool is part of our compliance portal, so you can easily roll out training alongside self-assessment.

  • Train your staff on the correct use of devices
  • Enable staff to identify issues and deal with them
  • Spot and resolve H&S issues before they cause harm
  • Identify trends and areas of concern
  • Maintain compliance with HSE guidelines
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DSE Survey Submissions

What DSE Tool assesses

DSE Tool complements the Skillcast DSE e-learning course in our Compliance Essentials Library.

DSE aspects assessed

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse/Pointing Device
  • Display screens
  • Software
  • Furniture
  • Environment
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What DSE Tool assesses...

Key DSE Tool features...

Our DSE tool reduces the time and expense of assessments. 

  • Use standard HSE questions or add your own bespoke ones
  • Secure employees training attestations before self-assessments
  • Automate managerial alerts of actionable issues
  • Case management allowing staff to resolve low-impact issues 
  • Review and comment on issues before resolving them
  • View previous submissions in a one-stop report features
  • New! Multiple assessments per employee with location-specific questions &  upload photo evidence

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Skillcast DSE Assessment