Future of Compliance Summit: Seminars

Format: Video/PDF | Duration: 18-75 minutes

Our annual summit centred on three core pillars: innovation, data-driven compliance, and value for money. With over 100 industry leaders, compliance professionals, and technology experts in attendance, we delved into the future of compliance in a digital world.

During our seminars, we explored the impact of innovation on compliance through emerging technologies and automation. We also uncover the crucial role of data-driven compliance in navigating regulatory complexities. Finally, we share insights into practical approaches for balancing compliance requirements with cost-effectiveness, with real case studies.

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Seminars & Presentations

The seminars are now available to watch and the speaker presentations are free to download, as well as the Q&A.

  1. Skillcast Future of Compliance (25 mins)
  2. Client Success Story: Dr. Martens (18 mins)
  3. Aligning Firms to Leverage Data (25 mins)
  4. Exploring Data-led Regulation (52 mins)
  5. Compliance & Cost-Effective Organisational Culture (57 mins)
  6. Expert Panel: Benchmarking and Q&A (75 mins)

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