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Managing Offline Training Activities

Compliance training isn't all about online courses.

There are many offline activities you need to track, from mandatory activities and on-the-job coaching to seminars.

Our Offline Activities Register and Events Management System make it easy to capture all offline learning in one place - even formal CPD hours.

Then you can view your offline and online training in parallel to get a complete picture of your organisation's learning.

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Simplify Offline Tracking

Our Offline Activities Register enables you to easily track attendance, passing and even CPD hours.

  • Integrate offline activities with training records - through a simple dropdown menu.
  • Automate workflow approval - ask appropriate questions by check box or free text for managerial approval.
  • Dashboard reporting - enabling managers to drill down and see completions by person or team.


Skillcast Offline Activities Register

Integrated CPD Tracking

Our CPD Tool allows end-users to track their hours against structured and unstructured targets.

  • Log CPD hours automatically - whenever e-learning is completed on Skillcast Compliance Portal.
  • Enable employee logging - of their CPD activities with supporting evidence.
  • Simple CPD approvals - review supporting evidence alongside each employee training record.

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Skillcast CPD Tool Training Record

Managing Training Events

Our Events Management Tool will help you to manage face-to-face and virtual training sessions easily.

  • Manage attendees - limit attendee numbers, create approval levels, limit access based on relevance and automate approvals based on rules
  • Automate communications - via templates you can customize for each audience
  • Synchronise calendars - browse and book sessions via a training calendar that integrates with laptops and mobile phones
  • Analyze attendance - through audit trails detailing event invites, acceptance and attendance

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