Free Money Laundering Training Video & Quiz

Duration: 3 minutes | Format: Microlearning

For AML compliance, it is critical to identify and report money laundering red flags.

In order to spot red flags, it is important to know your customers' normal behaviour and transactions. 

Criminals now use sophisticated techniques however, there are certain actions and behaviours that should ring alarm bells.

Our bite-sized money laundering training video helps employees know how to identify red flags in under 3 minutes!

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Money Laundering Red flags

How Bite-sized Training Works 

By watching our engaging animated microlearning, staff learn the key requirements then prove they understand them by a quick quiz.

  1. To whom should you report suspicions of money laundering?
  2. What is the role of the person reporting suspicions of money laundering?
  3. What is the purpose of conducting enhanced due dilligence?

This free version does not track or store your personal information or provide a certificate of completion.

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What are Compliance Bites?

Compliance Bites microlearning are short videos that bring specific compliance topics to life in just a few minutes using animation, characters and storylines.

The objective of each video is to engage and inform your employees about the topic, not provide an in-depth study. This makes them more appealing to your employees and improves the uptake of compliance training.

Our Compliance Bites Library contains over 100 animations covering topics such as insider trading, special category data, tipping off and whistleblowing.

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Money Laundering Red Flags