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Free Time Management Training Module

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Time Management Training Module
Duration: 20 minutes | Format: E-learning module with assessment

Time management means working effectively and efficiently, and employers across all industry sectors look for staff who can fully optimise the time available to them.

Our free e-learning module is designed to help your staff understand why time management is so important in business, and explore some of the techniques for managing their time more effectively. The course starts with a case scenario, and learners come back to it at the end to apply the techniques that they have learned.

At the end of the course is a short assessment.

To access this free course, just confirm your details in the form.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognise the importance of effective time management
  • Prioritise your time using the important/urgent matrix
  • Identify and avoid the pitfalls of procrastination
  • Use appropriate techniques to manage your time better

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