Valentine's Challenge - The Game of Love

Length: 10 questions | Format: Gamified Learning

Valentine's Day is the time for love.

Our gamified learning is a test of your knowledge of l'amour. It aims to show how any topic can be made into a game to make it engaging and fun. 

The 2022 challenge starts on Monday 7th February.

10 of the highest scorers can win an 'I love Learning' T-shirt (nominal value - but we quite like them!).

Play the Game of Love

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Skillcast Game of Love

How to play the game

  1. The Game of Love is a serious game that works on all mobile and desktop devices
  2. Click to open each Valentine's card and answer a question
  3. Answer the questions to win points - and bet on your choice to win even more points!
  4. You have three lives, allowing you to submit multiple entries and only your best score counts
  5. Click the image or button above to access the game

Play the Game of Love

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How to Play the Game

Game terms of use

  • This Valentine's Game of Love 2022 (the "Game") is open to all (except Skillcast employees and consultants)
  • Entries are submitted by completing the Game
  • Players may submit multiple Game entries, but only the best one will be considered
  • Players are not permitted to submit multiple entries using different names, email addresses or aliases
  • Players are not to collaborate with other contestants - any signs of collaboration will result in disqualification of all the contestants involved
  • The competition closes at 11.59 pm GMT on Monday 14 February 2022
  • Any unclaimed prizes will be distributed to the next best entries
  • The Game complies with Skillcast's Anti-Bribery Policy - it's open to all and not intended to exert any improper influence
  • Skillcast doesn't exercise any influence over the outcome of the Game and has no discretion over the award of the prizes
  • Skillcast will not share your individual performance in the Game or process it for any purpose other than the running of the Game, and compilation of aggregate results
  • Skillcast will delete all Game data after compiling theaggregate results
  • Skillcast reserves all rights, including IPR, to the Game
  • Skillcast may vary the terms of the Game, except our commitment to privacy and anti-bribery, at any time at its sole discretion