2024 Annual Benchmarking Report

Length: 16 pages | Format: PDF

The Skillcast annual benchmarking report brings together the views of senior managers on the topic of “The Future of Compliance”. It was carried out in December 2023, and comprised a short twelve-question survey covering the core topics of Innovation, Data Led Compliance and Value.

We intend to repeat this benchmarking survey annually, building on the themes and responses from this year. We will also share the results at our annual flagship Future of Compliance Summit where these themes and topics will be discussed further.

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Benchmarking Report 2024

Our 2024 Annual Benchmarking Report includes the views of senior managers addressing the following key themes:

1. Innovation 3. Value
Reinforcing compliance Cost perception
Enhancing training Compliance expenditure
Learning impact Colleague impact
Utilising AI  
2. Data-led Compliance  
Compliance processes   
Collating data   
Regulatory requests  
Business benefits   
Communicating updates  

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