Future-Proofing Tesco: Workforce Skills Transformation

Posted by

Rich Gill

on 13 Mar 2023

Following a capability review, Tesco chose Skillcast to help deliver training to adapt, upskill, and reskill its workforce to face future challenges.

Future-Proofing Tesco: Workforce Skills Transformation

Following a capability review, Tesco chose Skillcast to help deliver training to adapt, upskill, and reskill its workforce to face future challenges.

Tesco is a leading multinational retailer headquartered in the UK, with over 345,000 staff. As a business, it aims to serve customers every day with affordable, healthy and sustainable food – to help them enjoy a better quality of life and an easier way of living.

Future Proofing Tesco Training (PDF)


The retailer puts people at the centre of everything they do. It has created a highly adaptable and multi-skilled team ready to face future challenges head-on.

At the heart of this program is the Tesco Capability team, which undertook an end-to-end review of its entire learning offer and developed a comprehensive Skills Framework.

It partnered with Skillcast to deliver its transformative Learning & Development (L&D) program that aimed to adapt, upskill and reskill its workforce to face future challenges.


The seamless implementation of this framework via the Skillcast LMS enabled over 350,000 learners to acquire new skills and unleash their full potential.

Skillcast's technical expertise and innovative approach played a pivotal role in this success. Using complex data integrations and sophisticated algorithms, Skillcast provided invaluable support in configuring the Tesco LMS, delivering a highly personalised learning journey for all employees.

Skillcast LMS enables learners to assign themselves additional training to acquire new skills, not necessarily required for their current role. The system records this training alongside mandatory skills required for their current role in their digital training record card.

This game-changer has empowered managers to assign or remove skills training to their colleagues as part of their development or to meet local demand.


The initiative was a resounding success, upskilling and reskilling the Tesco workforce and enabling them to easily adapt to new job roles and functions, with over 800,000 skills assigned.

Skillcast developed additional LMS functionality and reporting to meet these unique demands, garnering positive feedback from colleagues and managers.

Investing in the workforce is critical to driving growth and creating a sustainable future, and Tesco and Skillcast have set a benchmark for all organisations to follow.

With the development of mobile-first, intuitive dashboard reports, the future of Tesco's L&D program is looking bright, making it easier to enable more effective operational and strategic decision-making.

Project Feedback

“As a company, Tesco recognises that our people are our greatest asset, and to support our colleagues to grow and adapt to the changing world of work. We evolved our learning framework to equip store colleagues with skills allowing them to work where, when, and how it suits their lives. We partnered with Skillcast to create a bespoke learning experience for each colleague. It uses dynamic assignments and deadlines, to help learners plan and lead their journey. And by restructuring our learning portal, we were also able to improve accessibility, user experience and adoption..”
- Lead Learning Design Partner UK Stores, Tesco
"At Skillcast, we value strong partnerships with our clients and are incredibly proud of the role we played in Tesco's transformative learning and development program."
- Rich Gill, Client Director at Skillcast

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