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Award-Winning LMS for Delivering Compliance E-learning


We've designed our Learning Management System (LMS) from ground up to manage compliance e-learning. It provides cutting-edge features such as diagnostic reports, case management tools. It works across multiple jurisdictions and in multiple languages. Since it is delivered to you as Software as a Service, it simplifies your deployment plans and removes the risk of delays and cost overruns. It  can be deployed very quickly - we have implemented sophisticated learning portals for multinational firms within weeks.

  • Deliver and track e-learning courses, policy documents, attestations, surveys, PowerPoint presentations and other learning activities
  • Synchronise the user data and training records with your HR system
  • Automatically assign learning requirements and send notification emails and reminders
  • Generate powerful management reports
Management Information (MI) reports

MI reports are essential for managing your compliance programme effectively and for evidencing the training to internal and external auditors and regulators. Since Skillcast is designed specifically for compliance training, it provides every type of report that you might need to fulfil both of these objectives.

Managed learning

Skillcast Portal customers benefit from an exceptional level of customer support. Every client is assigned a dedicated Service Manager from our Global Client Service (GCS) team who becomes your trusted partner in ensuring the success of your learning and strategic communication initiatives. The level of service that we offer far surpasses anything you will experience with other e-learning providers. You'll be surprised by the quick turn-arounds and amazed that you don't have to pay for your change requests.

Datacenter architecture

Skillcast learning management and authoring applications are hosted on our servers and provided to you as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis. Our technology infrastructure is designed to be fault tolerant with multiple/redundant processors, storage, connectivity and even power supplies. For instance, if there was a power outage or if an internet failure on one line, our systems would instantaneously switch over to a redundant line to provide you uninterrupted service.

The Skillcast server farms are located at highly secure facilities in London and Newbury that feature multiple layers of security and protection from fire, earthquakes etc. Online access security is provided by Cisco firewalls. We maintain a remote Disaster Recovery Site (DRS) where all the data from the primary datacenter is being mirrored in real time. The DRS effectively has the same infrastructure as our primary datacenter. So in case of a calamity at the primary datacenter, the DRS can ensure the continuity of our services.

Skillcast ISO 27001

"Our ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard certification is based on third-party verification of our systems, policies and procedures. It gives our clients confidence in our ability to manage the security and integrity of their information."

Matthew Sciberras, Head of IT Infrastructure, Skillcast

Information Security Management System

We regard our Information Security Management System as paramount to our ability to serve our clients. Therefore, we have ensured that all our process and datacenters comply with the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System.

ISO 27001 is the gold standard for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). It includes standards for security policies, organisational security, asset classification and control, personnel security, physical and environmental security, systems and network security, access controls, systems development and maintenance, business continuity management, and compliance. Achieving this certification demonstrates our commitment for ensuring the safety, security and integrity of our clients' vital information that goes far beyond the requirements of the EU Data Protection Directive.

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