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    Be a GDPR Hero II

    GDPR Hero T-shirt 2019

    It's been nearly a year since the GDPR D-day. How are you doing with your lawful basis for processing, delivery of individual rights, safeguards for international transfers and data breach reporting?

    To celebrate the first anniversary of the GDPR, we've brought back the GDPR Hero Game with more challenging scenarios! Play the Game to test your knowledge of all aspects of the GDPR. And if you collect 100 points, we'll send you the T-shirt to show that you are a GDPR Hero - absolutely free of charge!

    Enter your email below to receive the link to access the Game on your desktop or mobile.

    Skillcast GDPR Hero

    1. Enter your email address above and Submit to register. You'll immediately receive an email with a link that you can use at any time to launch and play the Game.
    2. You can access the Game on all mobile and desktop devices.
    3. You will receive five (5) tickets, which are good for five gameplays, ie you have five attempts to achieve the GDPR Hero status.
    4. In each gameplay, you'll need to respond to 10 questions in GDPR-related conversations.
    5. The response choices are binary, eg NO/YES, Can't do/Can do - on mobiles you can make these choices by flicking the question to left or right.
    6. If you make the right call, you'll pick up 10 points; otherwise, you'll lose a point and you'll lose a life.
    7. In each gameplay you have three lives and if you lose them all, it is game over.
    8. For each response, you can place a bet for three (3) points if you're confident, or pass if you're not confident.
    9. If you manage to collect 100 points in any single gameplay, you'll be recognised as a GDPR Hero and we'll contact you via the email address that you've provided in the game to send you the limited edition 'GDPR Hero' T-shirt (not available from any commercial outlet!).



    By playing the Skillcast GDPR Hero Game (the "Game") you agree to the following terms of use:

    1. The Game is open to all, except Skillcast employees and consultants.
    2. You agree with Skillcast contact you in relation to the 'GDPR Hero' award and other promotions from Skillcast, although you have the right to stop Skillcast from contacting you.
    3. Skillcast will not share your personal data or process it for any purpose other than the Game.
    4. The Game will stay open until mid-day on 31st May 2019.
    5. The offer of GDPR Hero T-shirt is limited to first two hundred individuals and one per individual. We will be in touch with the winners before or shortly after the close of Game to obtain the address to which the T-shirt should be posted. Skillcast may deny the award and ban a player in case of suspected misuse.
    6. Skillcast has no influence on the outcome of the Game or the leaderboard.
    7. The Game complies with Skillcast's Anti-Bribery Policy. The award of nominal value (costing less than £25) and is not intended to exert any improper influence.
    8. Skillcast reserves all rights to publish aggregate results of the Game without identifying any individual.
    9. Skillcast reserves all rights to the Game - it may vary the terms of the Game at any time at its sole discretion.


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