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Skillcast bespoke courses meet your goals and look great.

No matter what type of solution you're looking for, our expert team will help to make your project successful.

Our focus is on delivering learning that is effective and enjoyable. But don't take our word for it.

Watch our showreel and see for yourself!

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Our Unique Approach

Skillcast builds content that makes the most of any budget.

We are proud to partner with our clients to develop solutions that are right for learners while meeting your organisational goals.

Offering bespoke solutions to fit your unique requirements:

  1. Rapid Bespoke
  2. Full Bespoke
  3. Enhanced Bespoke
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Impactful Openings

We shape our solutions around your brand and your content. So no matter what training you need, we’ll ensure it stands out.

Skillcast prides itself on attractive, intuitive layouts that draw the learner straight into the heart of the action.

Whether your style is corporate or something more playful, we'll create enjoyable and memorable bespoke courses.

Our great design and animation take learners on a journey that links to the theme of your course.

Expect unforgettable learning experiences!

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Inspired Learning

At Skillcast, learning is never a passive experience. Our courses are crammed with engaging features.

You may get insights from your mentor or take a course tailored to your specific needs or role.

Or chat with characters that call you by your name, telling stories that resonate across industries or giving feedback in fun new ways.

We create immersive experiences that give space for the learner to explore. Engaging with courses that bring your content to life.

So, whatever your style or story, we know it will be a great learning experience.

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Tailored Assessments

Skillcast tailors assessments so learners can make the most of their time and offer fast-track pre-tests so those who already know their stuff can bypass the full course.

Our adaptive learning tools tailor pages to specific knowledge gaps for more nuance. It’s efficient while offering a personal touch!

Or choose in-course scoring so your learners can test themselves as they go and get gamified feedback linked to your course themes.

And we also offer non-standard final assessment options to keep things fresh.

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Rapid Bespoke

Our rapid content development service can have your course ready to view within a week.

It's a quick, clean solution that flexes to your schedule.

This may be the best option if you're updating an old course or converting face-to-face training sessions, 

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Rapid Bespoke Courses

Full Bespoke

Our classic-build bespoke option is perfect for delivering engaging compliance training.

It comes with the same quality as our flagship off-the-shelf courses but is tailored entirely for you.

That includes personalised scenarios, flexible testing and reporting options to measure project success.

Skilled instructional designers and developers will work with you to create a relevant and unforgettable solution.

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Enhanced Bespoke

If you're looking for something more than a standard compliance course, we can build bespoke experiences that take digital learning to the next level and create a buzz within your organisation.

Whether it's gamification, non-standard testing, multimedia elements or immersive learning, our enhanced features combine to offer the right solution for you.

We offer a wide range of Intelligent Learning features to select from – we like to think of them as pizza toppings! We’ll help you decide on the perfect combination to suit your taste.

Intelligent Learning Brochure

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We'll spend 30 minutes understanding your compliance challenges and recommending learning solutions.

Our Compliance Portal combines our award-winning LMS with a suite of RegTech tools to transform your staff compliance.

You can manage all of your compliance needs in one place. No more flipping between screens or moving data from pillar to post!


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Additional Features

Please feel free to explore other features we offer in bespoke e-learning courses.

Or if you'd like, we can walk you through the options in a personalised demonstration.


Video is a powerful tool. It can frame a topic, set the tone and deliver information in an impactful way.

We offer a range of video styles developed in-house by a team of skilled animators. Whether real-life video footage or illustrated infographics, we can find the style that works for you. We can also mirror approaches that you use elsewhere in your business.

Our videos can also be re-used as a stand-alone digital asset – so you can have this as part of your comms, on your intranet or across your platforms.

Personalised assessments

We offer different types of assessments based on your requirements.

Test-Out Assessment

Learners take an assessment at the start of the course; if they pass, the course is set to complete. Learners still have the option to browse through the course, but it's non-mandatory. This is great for busy people who take similar training each year. A high pass mark ensures there are no knowledge gaps.

Fast Track Assessment

To add in a bit more training, we can build a 'full-fat' or 'lite' version of your course so that those who pass the pre-assessment only see key information and updates.

Adaptive assessment

If you want to offer a really personal touch, adaptive learning is the way forward. Broken into key topics, the pre-assessment finds learners' strengths and weaknesses. The course is then tailored to their needs. This shows your employees that you value their time.


Whether it's an extra section for those in a management position, or a technical deep-dive for a specialist role, we can set branching pathways through your content.

Learners won't come away from the training wondering whether it was relevant to them but instead will be equipped with the information they need to do well in their role.

In-course scoring

If your learners are feeling assessment fatigue, this engaging option can be the solution.

In-course questions are scored, and the learner gets regular points updates to see how they're doing. Uses in-course performance for assessment:

We can use this score to let learners opt out of an end-of-course assessment, meaning focussing during the training saves them time later.

Couple this with an immersive scenario or creative theme to link the scoring to memorable imagery or a character.

Creative theme

Storytelling is a surefire way to produce memorable training. We can embed your training content into narratives that follow a day in the life of a fictional employee, delve into the different workplaces or geographical locations of your staff, or even embark on a more creative idea.

We've used themes from mountain climbing to high-speed racing, global travel, to digital transformation. Our instructional designers are adept at weaving narratives around otherwise dry content to elevate it to an engaging and memorable learning journey.

We can include a mentor character to offer insights, advice, and even the learner's name in their training so characters speak to them directly.

Gamification & analytics

Gamified assessments are a fun way to boost employee engagement, improve awareness and retention, and launch compliance initiatives.

Data from games and other learning activities can be used to create competency maps at the individual, team and organisation levels.

They're brilliant at assessing employee knowledge and behaviour and identifying employees who are confident yet wrong!

And with this insight, you can generate individual recommendations for follow-on training and drive process improvements.

Our Bespoke Process

Building exceptional digital learning requires exceptional project management and process governance. That's why we assign each client a designated project manager, who acts as your single point of contact.

Our learning consultants are supported by a team of creative writers, subject matter experts, consultants, designers and programmers, and will work with your SMEs, reviewers, and stakeholders to provide smooth and efficient content development.

Whatever your needs, we can suggest practical solutions with clear indications of costs.

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Account Management Team


Our international clients often need digital learning in multiple languages and localised to multiple jurisdictions.

We partner with leading translation firms that can handle the complexity of compliance content.

But if you prefer, we can just as easily work with your own chosen translation supplier.

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Account Management Team

Design & Accessibility

We want to help you maximise your time and effort on the things that really matter - ensuring relevancy and achieving business goals - rather than style issues.

That's why we make sure that your corporate branding guidelines are followed across your entire portfolio of digital training.

You can be confident your training will be on-brand and stylish across all devices, and accessible for all. 

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Design Team

Your Specialist Team

Your bespoke project will be looked after by an experienced and dedicated team.

Have a chat with one of the team today to learn more!

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