Bespoke E-learning Solutions

At Skillcast, we develop bespoke e-learning for some of the leading companies in the UK and EU. What excites us most is how learning can help our clients to achieve business goals and create a culture of inclusivity, ethics and compliance.

Intelligent Learning uses key levers to improve learner engagement and maximise behavioural impact:

  1. Gamification
  2. Personalisation
  3. Adaptive content
  4. Analytics

All of our content and interactions are driven by an agreed set of outcomes to meet your business goals.

Intelligent Learning Brochure

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Gamification & analytics

Gamified assessments are a fun way to boost employee engagement, improve awareness and retention, and launch compliance initiatives.

Data from games and other learning activities can be used to create competency maps at the individual, team and organisation levels.

They're brilliant at assessing employee knowledge and behaviour to identify those red flag employees who are confident yet wrong.

And with this insight, you can generate individual recommendations for follow-on training and drive process improvements.

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Adaptation & personalisation

By asking just a couple of simple questions about work roles and responsibilities, we can personalise a course to deliver and test only the topics that are relevant.

Then a pre-assessment at the start of a course can determine whether an employee receives the full course or is fast-tracked to a refresher version.

Finally, content is adapted based on employees' performance in learning activities. Shorter for those showing competence and longer for those who are not.

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Adaptive Content

Our bespoke process

Building exceptional digital learning requires exceptional project management and process governance. That's why we assign each client a designated project manager, who acts as your single point of contact.

Our learning consultants harness the skills of a team of creative writers, subject matter experts, consultants, designers and programmers. Working with your own reviewers, SMEs and stakeholders to provide smooth and efficient content development.

Whatever your needs, we can suggest practical solutions with clear indications of costs.

Process Governance
The development process is a collaboration, where you are completely in control of the message with a minimum time outlay. You have constant access to your project manager, and are able to leave comments directly on the course online or in content exports in Word format. You can assign your colleagues to review the course, leave comments, check on progress and ask for automated chase-ups for your team to complete reviews.
Design & Accessibility
We want you to maximise your time and effort on the things that really matter - ensuring relevancy and achieving business goals - rather than minor style issues. Therefore, we agree your corporate branding and style guidelines at the outset, and apply them to your entire portfolio of digital content via a cascading style sheet (CSS). This enables you to maintain and update the design across all your courses from a single CSS file.

We strictly adhere to principles of responsive design, so that all the content that we produce displays and works perfectly on all devices - from desktops to mobiles.

We also cater to your accessibility requirements by ensuring that all of our bespoke courses are built to WCAG 2.0 standards out-of-the-box. We use universal design to provide one perfectly crafted course that works for all users.
Translation & Localisation
We work for international clients who often need the digital learning not only in multiple languages, but also localised to multiple jurisdictions. For instance, for certain clients, we create and maintain up to 100 versions of the original course. Our translation/localisation process builds on the development stage with the same systems, reviews and collaboration. We partner with several leading translation firms that can handle the complexity of compliance content, but we can also work with your preferred translation supplier just as easily.

Our process leverages the use of XML/Excel exports to interface with translation firms, and the use of translation memory held on our behalf by our translation partners improves accuracy, and reduces costs and time to delivery on projects of all sizes.

We pioneered the creation of multilingual SCORM files, where we include multiple language/localised versions of a course in a single SCORM package to simplify multilingual content tracking. For this innovation, we won the coveted Brandon Hall gold award for technology excellence in the Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Global Training category.

Bespoke project options

The cost of made-to-measure content depends upon some specific factors:

  • Duration/length
  • Quality and completeness of the source content you provide
  • Quality of the course you need
  • Number of review cycles
  • Extent of intelligent elements

Rapid Bespoke

Circa £6,000

Learning need:
To convert legacy content, eg a Flash-based course or a training PowerPoint, into a responsive, accessible HTML5 digital learning module

Client input:
Training content in PowerPoint or PDF, or built using Flash, Articulate, Lectora or another legacy format

E-learning solution:
We offer a rapid content development service, whereby we can have your course ready for review within a week. The course is based on the text that you've provided to us. We will reuse existing images or refresh/remake them if required. We will reproduce any scenarios, exercises, interactivity and assessment in the content that you've provided to us. We will also include any existing videos that you provide at no extra charge (an extra charge will apply if we are required to create new video content).


Standard Bespoke

Circa £15,000

Learning need:
An engaging course to create awareness and improve staff compliance in relation to a legal/regulatory requirement or internal standard

Client input:
Course content with further inputs from internal SMEs

E-learning solution:
Our classic-build bespoke module is perfect for delivering an engaging compliance training experience for your staff. This is the same build quality that we offer in our flagship OTS courses, such as AML/CTF, Anti-Bribery and Data Protection. We will create a storyboard based on the materials that you've provided to us and any further guidance that we receive. After obtaining your review and approval, we will turn this storyboard into an interactive learning experience using our standard SHARD (SHared Accessible Responsive Design) 5 templates. Your course will be rich in scenario-based interactions that add relevancy and improve acceptance, retention and compliance. We will also include a 10-question post-course assessment (with randomised questions) to evidence the training internally and to external auditors and regulators.

Enhanced Bespoke

Starting from £30,000

Learning need:
To deliver an enhanced learning experience to your staff to embed a change initiative or regulatory requirement, and generate a buzz in your organisation

Client input:
Policies, internal presentations, regulatory documents, risk findings and news stories, with inputs from internal and external SMEs

E-learning solution:
We will build a custom learning experience that incorporates intelligent learning elements and is built to exacting standards. Examples of this include immersive learn-by-doing scenarios, where the learner deals with complex and difficult situations aided by a virtual mentor. In building this content, we follow an enhanced review process to meet the exacting requirements laid out by your SMEs and C-level stakeholders.

Intelligent Learning

Circa £24,000

Learning need:
To achieve more with your course than just a one-way knowledge transfer, eg adapt the content, gamify or produce people analytics

Client input:
Course content with further inputs from internal SMEs (same as Standard Bespoke above)

E-learning solution:
The Intelligent Learning solution builds on our classic-build bespoke module with one or more intelligent learning elements: gamification, personalisation (based on the learner's needs), adaptive content (based on the learner's competence) and data capture to produce people analytics.

We start with an understanding of your business goals and the related outcomes that you want to achieve from the training. We articulate these as action points, which in turn drive the learning activities. The intelligent learning enhancements are also determined by your desired outcomes. Some of the most popular enhancements are:

  • A pre-course game to engage and assess users
  • A pre-course discovery tree to learn about the users' needs
  • Training content that adapts to the needs and competence level of each employee
  • Personalised feedback in learning activities
  • Data gathering in the course and assessment to generate compliance competency maps