Game-changing Training Solution for Dr Martens

Posted by

Simon Truckle

on 25 Mar 2024

When Dr Martens wanted a new approach to training that reflected their core values, they partnered with Skillcast to create a game-changing solution.

Dr Martens Case Study


The DOCtrine is Dr Martens' Code of Conduct, a set of standards that define how Dr Martens works as a business.

It is rooted in acting with integrity and doing the right thing – all of which is at the heart of Dr Martens and tightly wound with their compliance program.

The Dr Martens team wanted to create a training curriculum that brought the DOCtrine to life but also provided targeted training specific to the needs and understanding of their people.

Dr. Martens wanted to deliver content that was:

  • Relevant to job roles
  • Valued employee time
  • Reflected existing knowledge
  • In a style that reflected their brand

Within an individual course, it was possible to create individual pathways based on knowledge or job role using pre-assessment and branching.

However, Dr Martens wanted to be more ambitious and create a diagnostic assessment that would deliver a tailored curriculum throughout the year to all staff based on their knowledge and needs.

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Skillcast developed technology that would identify knowledge needs and assign content in a full curriculum rather than a single course.

The Dr Martens DOCtrine Diagnostic was born! A solution that assessed the knowledge of the audience in all elements of the DOCtrine and then automatically assigned them to audience groups so they could complete relevant content throughout the year.

Key to the success of the Diagnostic, in addition to the groundbreaking technology, was the need to make it feel fun, like a quiz rather than an assessment, to get the tone and brand of the content aligned to the DOCtrine.

Dr Martens Compliance Success Webinar


The data from the Diagnostic allows Dr Martens to assign targeted training over a 12-month period based on the needs of the individual. Learners who score highly in a topic get light-touch content, and the data allows Dr Martens to delve into specific areas that are not understood to provide enhanced content.

Where they might see a high fail rate, this could be a risk area, whether that is across the business or certain regions or areas, and they can look to address this.

The tool even gives Dr Martens the opportunity to see if there are certain questions that people struggle with.

This was really important information for their training curriculum and also going forward for their compliance training as a whole.


“Depending on how our people answered the initial screening questions, Skillcast were able to allocate people to distinct audience groups for further, bespoke training tailored to their needs.

Importantly, they have helped to create reports which we are then able to analyse to really look into what the results are telling us.

Simply put, the results can tell us where people have passed or failed – where they have not met the minimum requirements we have set. But we want to look further than this to get a true picture of where the business is at.

Looking towards the next training steps for people and their year 2 curriculum, we can use the initial results to identify which content we need to prioritise and to enhance as a compliance team “

Dr Martens

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