Adaptive Learning for PUMA

Posted by

Simon Truckle

on 17 Jan 2023

When PUMA wanted to create an on-brand adaptive e-learning course that reflected employee diversity, they turned to Skillcast.

Adaptive Learning for PUMA


PUMA is the third-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world, renowned for fashion-forward high-functioning sports and lifestyle products. The PUMA Compliance team wanted to create an online refresher to support their existing Code of Ethics training.

Read the PUMA Success Story (PDF)


PUMA’s bespoke training needed to achieve several goals:

  1. Provide a completely ‘on-brand’ e-learning experience, reflecting PUMA’s forever faster sports and lifestyle strategy
  2. Recognize employee and customer diversity more fully in all imagery, representations and delivery in 12 languages
  3. Respect each learner’s time and take account of prior knowledge
  4. Focus on key risk behaviours


In the spirit of valuing the time of colleagues and rewarding those with prior knowledge, Skillcast created an adaptive course with a pre-assessment.

The gamified assessment put the learner into a realistic scenario for their business where they had to decide if the situation presented a possible ethical breach of the Puma values and ethical behaviours.

Those passing the pre-assessment took a fast-track 10-minute version of the course.  Others were routed to the full 22-minute course consisting of 4 key risk topic areas, with each section clearly stating the completion time. Learners’ progress was bookmarked to allow them to return when it was convenient.

Each learner could choose their language within the course and switch between languages from page to page.  This provided a great learning experience whilst providing a unified management report.

Images sourced from PUMA were inserted into the course to match the client’s corporate identity better.

Client feedback

"For us, it was critical that the learning really matched the expectations and style of our people. The average age of PUMA employees is just 31. Skillcast really identified what would work best with our audience. The tone of voice and use of PUMA imagery really helped put the learning in the context of our job roles and embedded our values and ethics. The feedback was outstanding."

Chief Compliance Officer, PUMA

Intelligent Learning

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