Empowering Reporting Excellence for Commercial Express

Posted by

Emmeline de Chazal

on 08 Apr 2024

When Commercial Express needed an FCA-focused provider that allowed for CPD tracking, they partnered with Skillcast to find an empowering solution.

reporting excellence Commercial Express

Client feedback

"Prior to working with Skillcast, we used inflexible systems and our CPD tracking and reporting processes were largely manual, which cost us a lot of time. We value our customers and care about empowering their professional journey. It became clear that a change was needed to honour our commitment to maintaining high standards. We not only found an FCA-focused provider that offers ongoing support in Skillcast but we have improved our processing and reporting standards. Training 360 has been a Godsend!"

CE Learning Designer, Commercial Express


Commercial Express is a market-leading managing general agent (MGA) that places customer service at its centre. With a continued commitment to their customers and maintaining their professional standards, Commercial Express has achieved Chartered Insurance Underwriting Agents status.

Read the Commercial Express Success Story (PDF)


Difficulty with existing systems and processes resulted in Commercial Express' need for an operational change to support their business. This shift called for:

  1.  Improving the efficiency of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) tracking and reporting.
  2. Eliminating the manual consolidation of CPD data held across multiple, siloed sources.
  3. Access to technical support for seamless Learning Management System (LMS) use.
  4. Greater autonomy and flexibility with updating new course content into existing course containers.


Commercial Express chose to partner with Skillcast, using both the LMS and Training 360 tool to provide an efficient platform for their course content and seamless CPD tracking and reporting.

  • Skillcast offered an understanding of the FCA environment and what was needed to meet the regulator's expectations.
  • Commercial Express worked closely with the Skillcast Support Team to ensure seamless implementation of Skillcast's tracking tool and LMS.
  • With the implementation of Training 360, Commercial Express could effortlessly capture CPD hours for individuals and have access to real-time data in dashboard reporting.
  • By creating a process-driven experience, Skillcast was able to make evidencing CPD and tracking an efficient process free from manual error.


Commercial Express has seen a measurable improvement in how they track CPD hours, ensuring their customers have the security of reliable data capture for their professional development.

  • Manual processing has been eliminated, reducing reporting time by up to three days per report submission period.
  • Automatic tracking and recording saves time and improves the accuracy of reporting. 
  • Dashboard reporting allows brokers' CPD activity to be viewed in one place, improving data accessibility and reporting standards.
  • Ongoing technical support ensures there is no time lost in troubleshooting.
  • Day-to-day operations using the LMS are simple and flexible. It allows for automatic updates to course content as and when needed.
  • Seamless transition from previous systems with good user adoption and smooth project management.

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