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European Retail Bank partners with Skillcast for unique e-learning

european retail bank


European Retail Bank


The bank was implementing a new premier banking service for retail clients across a number of European and emerging market countries. This approach relied on developing the customer service, relationship management and advisory skills of new and existing employees. Employees also needed to understand the brand the values and customer proposition of the new premier banking service. This was a strategic initiative that would support the bank’s long term objectives in the premier banking space. 


The internal project team partnered with Inmarkets to develop a three year internal qualification in premier banking similar to the European Financial Advisor (EFA) standard. The technical curriculum would be delivered using e-learning, with additional face-to-face sessions focusing on sales and relationship management skills. Inmarkets developed a high-impact introductory module that was tightly aligned with the premier banking brand and conveyed the core customer proposition. This was followed by 70 technical training modules covering various product classes, the financial advice process, financial markets, ethics, regulatory compliance, economics, insurance, taxation and law. The courses were delivered in five languages.

The programme is accredited by City and Guilds and certificates are issued as staff progress through each stage of the programme.

  • Authoring tool: Skillcast Author
  • Learning Management Systems: Cornerstone OnDemand
  • Integration: SCORM 1.2

Employee engagement with brand values; significant increase in technical knowledge and skills; increased employee retention.

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