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GDPR - the People Dimension

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most difficult regulation that companies have ever had to face. Chances are that almost your employees deal with personal data - and under the GDPR, they now have a maze of rules to comply with in relation to this data. Ensuring that your people will comply with these is a journey rather than a one-off "tick in the box" exercise.

In the UK, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has mandated that companies must implement "technical and organisational measures" to demonstrate their compliance with the GDPR. We believe this requires companies to put their people at the heart of their GDPR strategy. We call this the People Dimension, and we help our clients to address this dimension  with digital training and compliance apps.


GDPR Digital Training Library

Skillcast offers the most comprehensive library of e-learning courses for GDPR training that you'll find on the market. The 20+ courses in this library are suitable for:

  • Basic firm-wide training on GDPR obligations, and safeguarding personal data online, offline and on social media
  • Specialist training on the principles of data protection, lawful basis, consent, international transfers, individual rights etc
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GDPR Compass

Skillcast's Readiness Compass is an app that helps you to tap into your people's knowledge of GDPR-related procedures and controls to map your organisation's GDPR readiness.

The app reaches out to your managers and key staff at the frontline and asks them to rate and comment on critical measures that you have implemented concerning consent, security, individual rights, data transfers, breach notification etc. With this, it builds a snapshot of your overall GDPR readiness and uncovers critical risks and gaps that you need to address.


Serious Games for GDPR

Skillcast's Serious Game for GDPR is, in fact, a fun, engaging experience where your employees improve their retention of GDPR knowledge by applying it to real-life situations presented in a trivia-style game. You can add further motivation by running this game as a firm-wide challenge with prizes.

The results from the game can help you map the competence and behavioural patterns in your organisation and identify which teams or departments are most at risk of GDPR breaches.

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GDPR Navigator

Support your employees in making the right decisions concerning personal data by providing them with the Skillcast Navigator for GDPR. This is a just-in-time learning app with short answers to hundreds of questions with links to digital content from the Skillcast training library. 

Employees can ask a question - any question - in relation to the GDPR and immediately get the exact answer. The answers can be fully customised to your business, so that they reference your technical and organisational measures for the GDPR, such as your DPO, your access and notification procedures, and your privacy information. The answers can also feature links to more in-depth digital training sourced from Skillcast or other providers.

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