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    How to Write a Modern Slavery Statement

    Modern Slavery Statements have been required for all large companies in the UK since 2016. We've created a simple checklist for writing yours, and eve...

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    9 Modern Slavery Controls to Practise in Your Company

    The passing of the Modern Slavery Act in the UK in April 2015. was intended to protect vulnerable people worldwide. We've created a list of nine key c...

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    Modern Slavery Training Resources

    Since The Modern Slavery Act came into force in the UK in 2015, there has been an abundance of modern slavery content appearing online. We've collated...

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    Spotting the Signs of Modern Slavery in Your Supply Chain

    The Modern Slavery Act 2015, it seems quite apparent that despite what many of us would like to believe, slavery is far from being a thing of the past...

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    Top 5 Questions About the Modern Slavery Act

    So, what is the Modern Slavery Act and how will it impact you and your business? We have the answers to five key questions everyone is asking about mo...

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