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Free Business Travel Risk Assessment Checklist

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Business Travel Risk Checklist
Length: 17-pages | Format: Editable Word / PDF

Business trips can be stressful, especially if you're going to a country you are unfamiliar with, and can lead to compliance issues.

Our comprehensive Business Travel Risk Assessment Checklist will take all that stress away ensuring that you are as prepared as you can be when travelling overseas on business. All you need to do is follow our 210 checks and you're set to go!

From those initial preparations, to how to respect and adhere to local customs, as well as dealing with emergency situations - we have it all!

To download your copy, just confirm your details in the form.

Our business travel risk assessment checklist includes:

  1. Preparing to travel (25 checks)
  2. Booking policy & procedures (12 checks)
  3. Data security as you travel (10 checks)
  4. Final preparations before departure (23 checks)
  5. Airport safety (11 checks)
  6. Luggage (9 checks)
  7. On the way (11 checks)
  8. On arrival (5 checks)
  9. Staying safe at your hotel (16 checks)
  10. Travelling by car or taxi (4 checks)
  11. Hiring a car (7 checks)
  12. Staying healthy (14 checks)
  13. Security for female travellers (17 checks)
  14. Dealing with emergency situations (19 checks)
  15. In the event of natural disasters (12 checks)
  16. Anti-kidnapping measures (9 checks)
  17. After your trip (6 checks)

Important notes:

  • Whilst we've taken due care in producing these checklists, you must review them carefully and ensure that they are relevant for your organisation and your business.
  • By downloading this document you agree that Skillcast bears no responsibility for any loses or breaches arising out of the use of these checklists.

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