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Book a Personal Demonstration

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Skillcast Desktop Mobile & Tablets
Duration: 30 minutes  |  Format: Interactive Online Demonstration

Choose a time and date to suit, then we'll spend 30 minutes understanding your compliance challenges and recommending learning solutions. 

Learning content & tools

  • Compliance platform - A tour of our LMS, RegTech and extensive library of off-shelf-courses, including learning paths, course allocation, management reporting and customisation options.
  • End-user experience - From accessibility to mobile-friendly responsive design.
  • Customer success - What to expect from your dedicated service manager. From setup and branding of your portal, to assigning courses and product support.

Intelligent Learning

  • Case study examples - Of intelligent elements from creating compelling narratives, scenario-based activities, meaningful visuals, responsive design and WCAG accessibility.
  • Intelligent elements - Showing how we add personalisation, adaptive content and gamification then build granular analytics to help you to deliver target outcomes faster.

Stay up-to-date with learning & compliance

Why not subscribe to our Compliance Bulletin which delivers a round-up email of all of this month's best practices, expert opinions, industry insights, key trends in regulatory compliance training, digital learning, EdTech and RegTech news.

Skillcast has partnered with YouGov to conduct primary research into compliance issues, attitudes and risk perceptions in the UK workplace to produce a series of Insights Blogs.

We also have 50+ free compliance training aids, including a selection of desk-aids, eBooks, guides, handouts, posters, training presentations and even free e-learning modules!

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