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Book a Personal Demonstration

Duration: 30 minutes | Format: Interactive Online Demonstration

Choose a time and date to suit, then we'll spend 30 minutes understanding your compliance challenges and recommending learning solutions. 


Learning content & tools

  • Compliance platform - A tour of our LMS, RegTech and an extensive library of off-shelf-courses, including learning paths, course allocation, management reporting and customisation options.
  • End-user experience - From accessibility to mobile-friendly responsive design.
  • Customer success - What to expect from your dedicated service manager. From setup and branding of your portal to assigning courses and product support.

Intelligent Learning

  • Case study examples - Of intelligent elements from creating compelling narratives, scenario-based activities, meaningful visuals, responsive design and WCAG accessibility.
  • Intelligent elements - Showing how we add personalisation, adaptive content, and gamification then build granular analytics to help you to deliver target outcomes faster.

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Compliance Bulletin

Compliance Bulletin

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