Compliance Declarations

Do your employees need to complete disclosures or declarations for compliance with laws, regulations or internal standards?

Using email or paper-based processes is slow, inefficient and creates unnecessary duplication. And making sure that they are completed on time is an ongoing headache. 

That's why we have created our Compliance Declarations Online Tool to digitise, simplify and streamline the whole process for you.

Staff Declarations Factsheet

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Centralise your declarations

Our Compliance Declarations Tool helps you to collect, track and analyse employee disclosures and declarations easily.

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Compliance Declaration WFH

Why our tool works...

Now you can focus on the small number of real risks, without having to check the whole workforce.

  • Centralise data and get real-time visibility of risks.
  • Build a defensible compliance programme by ensuring full employee coverage and on-time completions.
  • Create audit-ready reports firm-wide and enable case management of all nonconformities at an individual level.
  • Remove compliance record gaps by integrating training, policy attestations and declarations records.
  • Reduce admin costs as we manage employee data, assignments, communications, reminders and reporting.

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Conflict of Interest Declaration

How our tool works...

  • Automated real-time guidance offering employees actionable advice about their submissions.
  • Automated escalation of potential issues via notifications to managers and compliance teams.
  • Case management console capturing all alerts to allow further layered escalation of serious issues.
  • Submissions record showing the employees’ last response to speed future completions.

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Compliance Declaration Guidance

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Our Compliance Portal combines our award-winning LMS with a suite of RegTech tools to transform your staff compliance.

You can manage all of your compliance needs in one place. No more flipping between screens or moving data from pillar to post!


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