Compliance Bites Microlearning

Compliance Bites microlearning are short videos on specific compliance issues, such as insider trading, special category data, tipping off and whistleblowing.

They bring these topics to life in just a few minutes using animation, characters and storylines.

The objective of each video is to engage and inform your employees about the topic, not provide an in-depth study. This makes them more appealing to your employees and improves the uptake of compliance training.

Compliance Bites Factsheet

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Microlearning Benefits

  • Engage employees with shorter modules you can easily fit into your work schedule
  • Become agile in addressing emerging compliance issues faster 
  • Improve knowledge retention with multiple microlearning touchpoints
  • Make compliance training more interactive by giving your employees the ability to seek and share training proactively


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How to Use Compliance Bites Microlearning

Compliance Bites are quicker to deliver than traditional compliance e-learning and improve employee knowledge retention. Some use cases include:

  • In addition to regular e-learning courses
  • For training on the go on mobile devices
  • Customised for use in bespoke training projects

Free DSE Compliance Bite


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Compliance Bites on phone

Bite-sized Compliance Topics

Watch this sample Compliance Bite to see the benefits in action. Our Compliance Bites library covers a range of key topics.

AML & CTF Intellectual Property Rights
Bribery Prevention Market Abuse Regulation
Competition Law Modern Slavery
Data Protection (GDPR) Reporting
Embargoes & Sanctions Risk
Equality Safeguarding
Fraud Prevention Safety
Health Tax
Human Resources  


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Compliance Bites can be delivered as standalone modules, embedded in standard-length e-learning courses, or compiled into learning paths. 

100+ microlearning videos designed to work for companies in all business sectors.

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