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  • GDPR Training for All Staff

    Our overview of the GDPR is an excellent starting point for building staff knowledge about the GDPR and their role in ensuring compliance with its obligations.

  • GDPR Training for Managers

    Our GDPR course for managers builds on the all-staff version with best-practice checklists, and coverage of the principles of accountability, governance and data protection by design and default.

  • Safeguarding Personal Data

    The GDPR library includes highly practical courses on safeguarding personal information offline, online and on social media, with learning activities designed to promote data security in everyday situations.


Businesses are required to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures that ensure and demonstrate that they comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The very first of these measures suggested by the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is staff training. However, GDPR training is more complex than for other regulations. It's not just about telling staff to report suspicions. Your staff need to become familiar with various principles of consent, data security and retention, and the rights of individuals. In certain high-risk roles, they need a deep understanding of lawful bases, dealing with Subject Access Requests and data protection impact assessments.

Skillcast offers a library of 20+ e-learning courses for GDPR training. These include core training courses on the GDPR - both at all-staff and manager levels - and practical training for all staff on safeguarding personal data online, offline and on social media. They also include more specialist training courses on the principles of data protection, lawful basis, consent, international transfers, individual rights and more.

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GDPR Core Training

  1. GDPR Training for All Staff
  2. GDPR Training for Managers
  3. Overview of GDPR iExpress
  4. Data Security for GDPR Compliance
  5. Overview of Data Security iExpress
  6. Safeguarding Personal Data in the Workplace
  7. Safeguarding Personal Data in Electronic Communications
  8. Safeguarding Personal Data on Social Media
  9. Safeguarding Personal Data with PCI DSS
  10. Cybersecurity iExpress
  11. Email Phishing iExpress


GDPR Specialist Training

  1. GDPR: Six Principles of Data Processing
  2. GDPR: Lawful Basis for Data Processing
  3. GDPR: Consent
  4. GDPR: Legitimate Interests
  5. GDPR: Individual Rights
  6. GDPR: International Transfers
  7. GDPR: Personal Data Breaches
  8. GDPR: Accountability and Governance
  9. GDPR: Dealing with Special Categories of Data
  10. GDPR: Data Protection Impact Assessments
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