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    Best practice, expert opinions, industry insights, news and key trends in regulatory compliance training, digital learning, EdTech and RegTech.

    Martyn Oughton

    Martyn Oughton
    Martyn is a writer and thought leader in financial markets, wealth management, insurance, regulation, risk management, and cybercrime. He has worked in the trenches to deliver compliance improvements, and now focuses on contributing to compliance best practice on several forums.
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    Recent Posts

    Why you need a Data Protection Officer in light of GDPR

    Editors note: This post was originally published in April 2018 and has been refreshed to provide additional information.

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    The Key to GDPR Compliance Lies with People Not Just Systems

    Although this may seem an unusual way to start thinking about the GDPR, but consider the question – "What do you think will be the root cause of most ...

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    Here's Why You Must be Prepared if You Have Vulnerable Customers

    Consumer vulnerability in the UK is a subject which has received a great deal of attention over the last few years.

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    The Criminal Finances Act - It's Not Just About Tax!

    When the Criminal Finances Act came into effect on 30 September 2017, there were a number of key changes introduced, but by far and away the biggest o...

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    Your All-Important MiFID II Research Checks

    The all-important MiFID II research checks start with the establishment of research payment accounts with the agreement of clients. If such accounts a...

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    Have You Done Your Research on Research Costs?

    MiFID II requires investment firms to demonstrate compliance with a wide range of new measures, building on the original MiFID from 2007.

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    How To Prevent SM&CR Training Damaging Staff Motivation

    "Are We All Senior Managers Now?" The focus of financial services firms of all sizes during 2018 will turn to the FCA and its intentions regarding the...

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    How One Man Can Expose Workplace Harassment Policy Weaknesses

    Harvey Weinstein. Chances are you've never met him, you've never worked for him, and you probably never will. But he could cause more trouble for your...

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    The ONE Element of GDPR That Will Catch You Out...

    How prepared is your firm for GDPR? GDPR has been with us for a while now, since 25th May 2018 to be exact. But, how well do you think your firm's pre...

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