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Policy Hub

Complete policy management solution

Our Policy Hub solution is a compliance app on the Skillcast Learning Management System (LMS) that gives you a complete, cost-effective policy management solution. It enables you to create, update, approve, communicate and seek attestation for your corporate policies - thus helping you to demonstrate your compliance with laws and regulations, such as the Bribery Act, Money Laundering Regulations, General Data Protection Regulations and various sector-specific regulations.

With the Policy Hub you can:

  • Manage all your policies, procedures and guidelines from one location
  • Leverage off your digital learning portal
  • Reduce your cost of compliance

Integrated with fully-managed compliance portal

The Policy Management Console allows you to add or edit policies by simply uploading the document. There is an option to upload different language versions of the policy. You can optionally require your staff to complete an attestation for the policy.

The Policy Hub leverages the functionality of the fully-managed Skillcast LMS, including up to date employee data, assignments, communications and chase up, MI reporting and administration by your dedicated Service Manager. Administrators can generate 1-click reports of the policies that employees have read and attested to, and analyse the data at the global, departmental and individual levels. Team managers can be set up with 1-click reports showing team members who have not completed their training or failed to attest to the required policies.

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