Policy Hub

Our online Policy Hub tool provides a complete, cost-effective corporate policy management solution.

It enables you to create, update, approve, communicate and seek attestation for your corporate policies.

It helps you to easily demonstrate compliance with UK and international laws and regulations.

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Policy Hub Delivers...

  • One-stop management of policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Simple updating of policies add or amend documents by uploading
  • Personalisation of policies by local language
  • 1-click reporting of employee completions
  • Timely compliance by automating your processes


Policy Hub Documents

How our tool works...

Our Customer Success team manages employee data, assignments, communications, reminders, MI reporting and administration for you.

  • Dynamically assign relevant affirmation requests to employees based on your own specific assignment rules.
  • Assign administration to specific departments for policy review, editing, assignment and reporting.
  • Access 1-click status reports that confirm what training an employee has completed and the policies that they have attested to.
  • Create granular analytics of employee completions across global, departmental and individual levels.

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