How Skillcast Helped Tesco Feed the Nation

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Rich Gill

on 02 Jun 2022

When Tesco needed to find a way to onboard over 45,000 temporary staff, Skillcast helped produce a bespoke, streamlined online induction solution.

Helping Tesco to Feed the Nation


Tesco is a leading multinational retailer headquartered in the UK, with over 345,000 staff. As a business, it aims to serve customers every day with affordable, healthy and sustainable food – to help them enjoy a better quality of life and an easier way of living.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to the retail sector as a whole and Tesco in particular.

When Tesco realised that they needed to onboard over 45,000 temporary colleagues to ensure they could help feed the nation, they turned to Skillcast for advice and support. 

Onboarding Tesco Temps (PDF)


To ensure that colleagues and customers were safe and legal, the challenges Tesco needed to address were:

  1. Quickly provide new starters access to relevant courses in their Learning Management System (LMS).
  2. Streamlining inductions to enable new recruits to hit the ground running.
  3. Help staff transition to new roles helped by new learning curriculums.


When faced with this huge challenge, Tesco knew that Skillcast could help.

Skillcast made rapid changes to the Tesco LMS, enabling secure access for their temporary staff. Tesco engaged with key stakeholders throughout their business to identify training needs.

Then, with Skillcast’s help in just two weeks, Tesco designed, developed and delivered new learning curriculums. Our simple people-centric approach ensured that all business-critical roles continued as normal.


This achievement's size, scale and speed are reflected in the growth in usage year on year.

  • User access to their LMS increased by 99%
  • Learning sessions grew by 342%, averaging four per learner
  • Over 800 thousand learning sessions were delivered in April 2020

Client feedback

When the news broke that WHO declared a pandemic, no one knew or imagined what it would bring. Our strong partnership with Skillcast helped us safely negotiate the Covid storm. We needed to onboard thousands of new colleagues to literally feed the nation. Together, side by side, we found a way to simplify the training and deliver it at speed.

Lead Learning Design Partner, Tesco

Intelligent Learning

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